Professional Education Focuses Inventions

           The professional education or shortly EduPro is not traditional and old semester based education but the latest technology which leads to invention and commercialization. An example is bionics, thus a child product of robotics. In similar way, there are various fields emerged with cutting edge products. this section will focus for such programs.

Bionics Engineering
1. MIT's Bionics Engineering - Not MOOC Based
2. Master of Science (Bionics Engineering) - Not MOOC Based
3. Bionics Engineering - UNSW - Not MOOC Based
4. Autotronics Engineering - UNSW - Not MOOC Based
5. Aviation Courses - Not MOOC Based

Spintronics Engineering
1. Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz - MOOC Based

Nano Electronics Engineering
1. MIT - MOOC Based
Medical Science

Science Education

Arts Education